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you who came from the stars episode 4 fashion review
You who came from the stars episode 4 fashion review

You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대) -Ep.4 (2) (2013.12
You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대) -Ep.4 (2) (2013.12


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On the Charts: High 4, Akdong Musician, Park Shi Hwan

Article: High 4, AkMu, Park Shi Hwan… rookie stars dominate #1 on the digital charts Source: Star News via Naver 1. [+216, -13] Leave out High 4, they’re riding on IU 2. [+169, -12] You mean IU, not High 4… 3. [+117, -6] IU’s doing everything for High 4 honestly 4. [+95, -20] Cute and fresh AkMu angels~ and Park Shi Hwan with the voice that rings your heart~ Supporting you!! Fighting 5. [+82, -8] I hope the music industr… Continue reading

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Korean Clothes and the Way They Differ from Other Styles

Woylaa.Com – Young people love to look different, thus, they tend to wear unique clothes to stand out from the crowd. Korean clothes are now popular, thank to the Hallyu Wave that spreads worldwide. The stars’ styles now become major reference for almost every people around the world. Korean clothes and trends that spread all over the world Generally speaking, today’s Koreanfashion styles are derived from what is called china wholesale clothi… Continue reading

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Hottest Fashion Trends Inspired from Celebrity Prom Dress

…ight of the dress itself. If you are petite woman, you don’t want to be drown in long bulky dress that will make you look even shorter. Hottest fashion trends for prom parties by celebrities Hottest fashion trends from celebrities Choose something that can reveal your most favorite body parts such as shoulders, legs, or sexy back. See the hottest fashion trends for prom dress with inspiration from famous stars in the red carpet and project Runw… Continue reading

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“Red is Hyuna” branding leads to some confusion

…17;s not like she can reject it. I don’t get how this song passed regulations. 7. [+268, -6] Whoever wrote the lyrics for this is pathetic 8. [+246, -7] The lyrics are a load of bull. Who’s the name of the lyricist? ㅋㅋㅋ – Article: “Why Hyuna if it’s red?” Hyuna’s red logic Source: Dispatch via Naver 1. [+5,125, -74] Whoever wrote the lyrics needs to reveal themselves 2. [+3,378, -394] Reminds me of ero starsContinue reading

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Ladies Hat Comfort and Warmth for the Cold Winter Days

…in wearing this kind of ladies hat in winter. Feminine beanie hat Cloches Cloche began its popularity during the ‘20s and widely used by the movie stars. This girly hat becomes famous again lately and one of the stylish selections to complete the winter fashion appearance. This kind of hat has a bell shape and fits until back of the head. There is a thin brim at the front. Cloche hats can be made from wool, fleece, or felt. With its retro sty… Continue reading

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Popular Classifications of Women Fashion Styles

…ns, t-shirts, and sport inspired fashion. Thiswomen fashion style is quite modest, yet still can be stylish with the right composition. Vintage Style Women who prefer this style love the long lasting look from the vintage style. Even though it is old, this style is always accepted in almost all occasions. With some modifications, the fashion will not look out of date. Some dresses can be seen from old movies’ stars, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s… Continue reading

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Newest Urban Fashion Trends Frequently Spotted on the Street

…cting some imagination into reality. We know that, more often than not, fashion choice of a person is projecting their personality, preference, even character, so I guess that more people somehow feel the ‘urge’ to look best in every chance they have. Ranging from wholesale fashion, high street fashion, to commercial, infinite options are available for you to create the most attractive look with newest urban fashion trends, created by noted fashi… Continue reading

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YG appoints Sean as new internal director

…[+334, -18] There’s no way a large company would let an angel like him go. It’s thanks to Sean that they even had a positive image.. YG seems to know that. 2. [+331, -22] They’re trying to use him to clean up their image. 3. [+276, -19] Seems they’re trying to clean up their image. 4. [+24, -1] Instead of using stars with positive images for media play like this, how about you actually work on your scandals tsk tsk Drug… Continue reading

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Kim Gura and Kyuhyun admit tickets for Baekyhun’s musical have gone down since dating news

…ts have gone down. I heard that tickets aren’t selling well after his announcement. He should be taken off the (rank of stars with ticketing power). He’s lost a lot, and I’m only speaking of the facts here.” Kyuhyun: “He’s on ‘Singin in the Rain’ with me. I think we need a lot of people to come watch the show.” – 1. [+922, -52] Kyah, good words from Kyuhyun and Kim Gura ㅋㅋ Really hit the spot… Continue reading

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Forbes Celebrity 100

Article: Power Ranking of the World Stars?… “Beyonce, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lawrence” Source: Dispatch via Naver FORBES CELEBRITY 100 1. [+1,630, -154] There’s no singer like Beyonce in Korea, someone who’s naturally sexy and comfortable in their own skin, sings well, and smiles with health. They’re all so cheap looking.. 2. [+1,157, -38] Wow… Can’t believe she makes over $ 100 million. Sh… Continue reading

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