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Secret Garden (South Korean TV series)
Secret Garden (South Korean TV series)

The Heirs Archives - Korean Drama Fashion
The Heirs Archives - Korean Drama Fashion

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Watch The Heirs Episode 10 Korean Drama Recap

Kdrama The Heirs (Inheritors) Episode 10 Live Recap Outside, Tan and YD talk. Tan: “I’m sorry I thought of you lightly. I didn’t know you’d be this much of a bastard. ” YD: “Now that you know, is all that is left you kneeling in front of me?” Tan: “Is that what you wanted? Then this not a good plan.” Uh Oh, YD sees ES walking up. YD: “I think I set a good plan.” ES also now sees… Continue reading

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Korean Fashion Trend and the Hallyu Wave

Around two decades ago, everyone would look to Western countries such as USA, England and France to see the latest fashion trend. Few years later, people started to look for variations from Japanese fashion. And now, Korean fashion is taking over the world, particularly among the youths. Also called the Hallyu Wave, Korean style and fashion now dictate the way young people (and even adults and older generations) take their fashion cues. The ris… Continue reading

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The Trends of Japanese vs. Korean Fashion Clothes

Woylaa.Com – We all know the superiority of western culture until the arrival of J-Pop and K-Pop styles. The influences of the Japanese and Korean fashion clothes are very broad and they affect many young people around the world. However, both Japanese and Korean styles have their own distinctive characteristics on certain points that they can be easily differentiated. Japanse vs Korean fashion clothes As the first Asian trendsetters, Japanes… Continue reading

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Reasons to Buy Casual Clothes from Korea Stores

Casual clothes may not require too many thoughts when you buy them, but since many people are most likely spend their time wearing casual clothes. Casual clothes from Korea stores are now very popular, especially since the rise of Korean waves and online shopping trend. Korean casual clothes are loved even by Western customers for many good reasons, and many of them have good prices. If you want to get really good casual clothes, you can consid… Continue reading

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Korean Clothes and the Way They Differ from Other Styles

Woylaa.Com – Young people love to look different, thus, they tend to wear unique clothes to stand out from the crowd. Korean clothes are now popular, thank to the Hallyu Wave that spreads worldwide. The stars’ styles now become major reference for almost every people around the world. Korean clothes and trends that spread all over the world Generally speaking, today’s Koreanfashion styles are derived from what is called china wholesale clothi… Continue reading

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Korean Shoes: Never Look Ordinary with Your Footwear

Woylaa.Com – One thing that many people notice from Korean women when they visit South Korea is how chic their footwear is. Korean shoes never look plain, boring or too ordinary, and even formal shoes look elegant and classy. Korean women, especially young girls and women, love wearing good shoes or other footwear styles. Even during casual moments, they will not want to wear something too plain and uninteresting. In fact, many travelers sugges… Continue reading

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KOREAN DRAMA RATINGS: I have a list now! So this is just a very quick post to say that I now have a Korean Drama Ratings List where I have tried to go through all the Kdramas I have seen so far (hopefully I didn’t miss any!) and figure out their rating as well as add a very quick blurb. Obviously it is all just my opinion only but hopefully people will enjoy reading it! On my main pages links Incoming search terms: dramaholics korean dramaContinue reading

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Fans oppose Andy’s fanmeet in China + Eric considers smallscreen return

…ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 5. [+267, -10] Andy used to have such a positive image for giving up his permanent residency to serve in the army. – Article: Eric to make a return to the smallscreen after 3 years with ‘Trot Lovers’? Source: Sports Donga via Naver 1. [+1,245, -39] He has a talent for acting which has been improving as he’s been getting older but I don’t want him doing this drama. I read the first line of the synopsis and it reads… Continue reading

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Korean Women’s Clothes: Stay Trendy at Office

Woylaa.com – For many Korean women, especially those who work at urban offices, office wear is not bland and stiff. Korean women’s clothes for office are just like what they wear on casual occasions, but still professional. While the clothes may be subtler and more formal compared to casual or party clothes, office wear of trendy Korean women is nothing like boring blazer and suite with dreadful colors you often see at office. Thanks to K… Continue reading

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Korean Stars’ Favorite Fashion Brand: Lucky Chouette

We all know that fashion is a major business in South Korea, particularly with the rise of its Hallyu Stars popularity that makes Korean fashion popular worldwide. As Korean people value the role of brand very highly in their sense of fashion, lots of Korean clothes brands are competing strictly to get the attention of fashionista, the Korean stars in particular, and common customers in general. Lucky Chouette Collections for Summer, presented… Continue reading

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