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Korean Fashion Trend and the Hallyu Wave

Around two decades ago, everyone would look to Western countries such as USA, England and France to see the latest fashion trend. Few years later, people started to look for variations from Japanese fashion. And now, Korean fashion is taking over the world, particularly among the youths. Also called the Hallyu Wave, Korean style and fashion now dictate the way young people (and even adults and older generations) take their fashion cues. The ris… Continue reading

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Korean Shoes: Never Look Ordinary with Your Footwear

Woylaa.Com – One thing that many people notice from Korean women when they visit South Korea is how chic their footwear is. Korean shoes never look plain, boring or too ordinary, and even formal shoes look elegant and classy. Korean women, especially young girls and women, love wearing good shoes or other footwear styles. Even during casual moments, they will not want to wear something too plain and uninteresting. In fact, many travelers sugges… Continue reading

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The Trends of Japanese vs. Korean Fashion Clothes

…like type of clothes, but you will still see a touch of traditional element in it. Japanese fashion clothes On the other hand, Korean fashion clothes started to be popular and become new Asian fashion trendsetter. Just like Japanese fashion, Koran style also has its own inspiration, which is derived from the style of the idols. People set high standard of today’s fashion, and Korean fashion clothes are considered the proper standard of being hi… Continue reading

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Korean Jewelry: Rising Trend of Feminine Wholesale Jewelry – Women love to spice up their appearances with jewelry, and stylish women and girls in many places love Korean jewelry. The rising of ‘Hallyu’ Wave has caused jewelry industry to rise as well in South Korea, with both wedding and non-wedding jewelry items become very sought-out items. Since Korean style has become so popular in many countries, many stores sell jewelry items from South Korea with wholesale prices, giving opportunitie… Continue reading

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Reasons to Buy Casual Clothes from Korea Stores

Casual clothes may not require too many thoughts when you buy them, but since many people are most likely spend their time wearing casual clothes. Casual clothes from Korea stores are now very popular, especially since the rise of Korean waves and online shopping trend. Korean casual clothes are loved even by Western customers for many good reasons, and many of them have good prices. If you want to get really good casual clothes, you can consid… Continue reading

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Korean Clothes and the Way They Differ from Other Styles

Woylaa.Com – Young people love to look different, thus, they tend to wear unique clothes to stand out from the crowd. Korean clothes are now popular, thank to the Hallyu Wave that spreads worldwide. The stars’ styles now become major reference for almost every people around the world. Korean clothes and trends that spread all over the world Generally speaking, today’s Koreanfashion styles are derived from what is called china wholesale clothi… Continue reading

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Korean Stars’ Favorite Fashion Brand: Lucky Chouette

…ial status thingy right now. If you look at the celebrities’ fashion and style, some of you will probably notice the similarities; they commonly wear clothes from particular Korean fashion brand, such as Suecomma Bonnie for the accessories, and Lucky Chouette for the clothes. Lucky Chouette collection for girlish look This particular Korean fashion brand is very popular among Korean celebrities, from movie stars, singers, idols, models, and oth… Continue reading

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Korean Accessories for Women and the Must Have Things

…ssing up, but for Korean women, accessories really have great deals in turning plain look into fabulous. Whether they are for teenage girls or modern urban women, Korean accessories for women are as popular as the clothing items. Korean accessories are like typical of Korean fashion items: they give unique and interesting elements on the outfits, but without looking too eccentric or garish. Even if you are not a type of person who loves wearing t… Continue reading

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Micky Yoochun to star in Bong Joon-ho’s “Sea Fog”

…n girlfriend park yoochun micky yoochun girlfriend park yoochun girlfriend 2013 park yoochun rooftop prince kpop star season 2 ep 10 park yoochun plastic surgery kpop star season 2 ep 4 snsd radio star eng sub 2013 Incoming search terms: my love from the star cast (153),my love from the star dramawiki (34),my love from the star korean drama wiki (31),cast of my love from the star (28),yhse-001 (15),angel eyes ep 9 viki (14),my love from the starContinue reading

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Korean Clothes Online: Best Stores for Trendy Look

Woylaa.Com – Who nowadays does not like to rock trendy attire even in daily activities? Young Koreans are the experts of turning everyday attire into something worthy of fashion magazines. Shopping for Korean clothes online is the easiest way to find the pieces you want such as miniskirts, boots, pumps, over sized tees, scarves, sweaters and more. T –shirt and patterned vest from Cherrykoko Like many other online stores, some are really good… Continue reading

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